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abby150's Journal

18 August 1988
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ME: My name is Abby, I'm a Rock girl and I live in Vancouver (Whistler), I'm a proud Canadian and hockey player. Before I came in Vancouver, I was in Montreal (Qc) to study in Fine Art, so I speak French. Now I'm a photograph and I make some fan art, it's just for fun of course, and you will be able to see them 'cause I will put them on my Livejournal. Oh and my inspiration source is TIM BURTON, the most wonderful artist in the world.

I LOVE: I'm the biggest fan of Pittsburgh Penguins and YEAH! they won the Stanley Cup last year. I was so happy and so proud... anyway, I'm also a big fan of Metallica, and I hope to see them one day. I also love to watch Supernatural some times, but now I'm really into Naruto. I don't know why but I really love this anime and the Manga is so wonderful... I also love AC/DC and clasic rock band. And I really love eat Pizza and spaghetti... No I'm not Italian.

I HATE: The Montreal Canadiens and Detroit Red Wings. I don't really love Rap and Pop music 'cause I prefer rock. I hate 'too long' movies and 'love' movies, I prefer action. I also hate the long advertisement on Tv and the stupid soap opera. I don't really love old movie and old Tv show. And I also hate the disrespectful people and of course I really really hate my stupid Neighbor.

Thanks to steveness2310 for the profile codes :)
Also thanks to Project-GimpBC for some brushes :)
And Special Thanks to Anzu_zoldick for the Mood Theme :)